Sunday, June 22, 2008


Aleksandar is now graduate of Grade school. The name of his school is Bessborough Public School. It is more than 70 years old. Aleksandar attended Bessborough since he was grade 4. It is all together 5 years. The longest period that he belonged to one community. He was excited about graduation, and about the dance after. The dance was organized in the place called "Loots" on Bayview Avenue. When I came to pick him up, his tie was in the pocket of his jacket, that we had to look for, since he forgot where he left it. Well, just not used to wearing a jacket. He also thought that he lost the cell phone, but he did not. Everything was alright. He asked Taylor to dance with him. At first she said: Later, and then she said: No. I told him to keep on trying. One day the girl will dance with him, I am sure. But, for now, it must be very disappointing for him to encounter rejection from the girl that he really likes. We all know how it feels. Still, I try to instill in him: keep your friends close, but your family closer.

Congratulations Aleks!!!!