Saturday, October 13, 2012


I came to Canada on March 24, 1990. My intention was not to stay in this country. It grew on me and I grew here. I was not a child when I came here. I was already 29 years old. But I was child in heart, and I am to this day. What this country thaught me is generosity. It taught me tolerance.It thaught me that people who are different are the same. It taught me the rule of civility. It taught me with its wide big space that only sky it the limit. I love this country just the same as I loved the country I grew up in - my beloved Yugoslavia. It taught me that tough times are just phases in my life, and that "please and thank you" are not just the phrases. I travelled to Vancouver and Montreal, and Charlottetown, and Ottawa. I live in Toronto. The most multicultural city I have ever seen. When I go back to my love - my always the most Loved Belgrade, I bring to peace two contintets, two loves of mine, and I suffer. Why the worlds I live in are so different: we speak diifferent language. My son cannot speak my mother tongue as well as it would be required for him to say words of love. But love is in his heart as well as mine. Canada is space - big country with beautiful nature, big trees, lakes, mountains. It is space with big blue sky, people from every corner of the world. Where I came from - looking from the plane landing in Belgrade, it is warm, welcoming and true. I wish this love of mine for people does not have borders. I speak foreign language, but my undestanding of human malaise is without borders. It is raining tonight in Toronto. Give me a hug. Give a hug to those who you love. I came here more than 20 years ago, and it was yesterday. Sky here and there when it rains is not the same. Tears are the same everywhere.