Monday, May 11, 2009

Dada and Arkan

She was furious that he used her image in his propaganda film during Serbian elections at the end of 1993. It was only few months before her death. I never saw that advertisement. However, few days ago, purely by accident, I came across the clip on youtube in which I saw Dada with Arkan. She was there, doing her job, being a journalist, going to the source. He was the source then in 1991. Somewhere in Slavonija. They are both dead now. Ironically buried just feet away at Novo Groblje in Beograd. Two opposite ends of the tragedy: she, who believed in humanity, and he who believed in doing a dirty job for Serbian government. The fact that he his still a hero, and her death is still a taboo, tells the story of Serbia today. I, personally, think that the virus of hatred that she mentioned in her letters to me is incurable disease. I wish I will be proven wrong. How the things stand now: slim chance.