Sunday, February 15, 2009

Letter to Mr. Greenspon

Dear Mr. Greenspon,

I just wanted you to know how shocked and worried I became when I heard of the terrible incident on Friday. I hope Jacob is doing well. I also have a son who goes to the same school as yours, the same age. What can I say: the worst parent's nightmare is that the child will be hurt.

The reason I am writing to you is that I hope that we will find out some real answers to what happened before the man who was on three different kinds of medications decided to do something like this. It is about the time to find out how is it possible that the people who are very mentally ill walk around with no support, or place to go to. I hope you will be in the position to find out answers to these questions, and prevent something so horrible happening again.

I wish Jacob very fast recovery. I know that physical wounds will heal faster than psychological, and I wish him all the strength that I am sure he has ( which he showed with being able yo pull through this horrifying ordeal ).

Take care.