Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunset Chaser

I decided today to call myself a "Sunset Chaser". Why? Because I find sunsets to be mysterious and promising. The end is the new beginning. I find sunsets to be soothing and tranquil. Unlike me. I am not tranquil at all. I have storms within. I have big waves. I have thoughts heavy like mountains. Sunsets are light like a feather. Sun disappears on the horizon. Find a clear view of the sunset and put your finger on it. Draw a circle. Get the power. Find a moment of peace, quiet place to catch the moment. It is already gone, and thinking that you catch it will soon be an illusion. Sunset chaser will continue until the last sunset imprints its colors in his soul. Share a moment with the nature. Watch the sunset, alone, or in a crowd, alone, or with someone who loves you. Give them sunset as a present. It is never too late to chase the dream.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I plan to spend this summer in Toronto. It will be the first summer after many years that we have no plans to travel. I am actually looking forward to day trips to Awenda Provincial Park

I hope that we will have a chance to visit Sandbanks Provincial Park

I may decide to be a tourist in Toronto and take a stroll downtown, just like any other tourist. There is so much to see and learn about this city. However, I will avoid the "tourist traps", such as CN Tower, Casa Loma, overpriced downtown restaurants, Niagara Falls (except maybe for Serbian picnic, but still not sure if I want to eat way to salty chevapchichi in July humid heat:), etc. Instead: Distillery District, museums, stroll by the lake, maybe visit Panorama on Bay and Bloor. Or just sit on my balcony sipping wine and munching on some good food.

Actually, honestly, I am looking forward to the lazy summer days on my balcony. Come and join me!

Monday, June 1, 2009

What if nobody is reading this blog?

What is the purpose of writing the blog if no one is reading it? It is true that I did not "advertise" my blog anywhere, and that not too many of my friends even know about it. I simply does not want to be in everyone's face: telling to people "read my blog" is not my style. But it tells me a lot about myself. Why am I so humble, so low profile, so passive when it comes to displaying my qualities? The other day someone asked me: Do you still write the blog? And I, instead of saying: "Yes, why don't you check it out?", I said: "Yes, but I am not updating it regularly." So much for my ability to advertise. I know some other people who have blogs and they have their audience. I am still waiting to be discovered. Like a new continent. At the same time, I know that it does not work that way. I understand that blogging means constant updates and finding your audience who can count on you. I understand that blogging is not just writing what is on your mind, but writing about something that is relevant to your audience. I tried several topics here: some are about my son ( parenting of a child with special needs), some are about my sister ( not only about her violent death, but also about her work), some topics are just random, about things that happened to me or others. None of these stories attracted much attention, except one. That one is the topic about exodus of Serbs from Krajina in 1995. I said there that I despise Belgrade and its politics for the way how they treated those refugees. I understand that it is hard for my readers to follow because I write sometimes in Serbian, sometimes in English, the practice that I will be changing. So, my dear readers, you tell me what you like to read here. I am at your service.