Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Fall of B92

Like anything else in Serbia these days, B92, the symbol of free media during 90s is just a shadow of what it had been before. The barometer of how Serbian folks are doing is, so called, "Forum B92" where few moderators are pretending to be avantgarde by banning anyone who sounds nationalistic or chauvinistic. But it is just a farce. They really do not care. They are doing it because they think that by doing it they are somehow better than those they are banning from the discussion. To me, they are just the same, no different than anyone who says that Srebrenica did not happen. I say this because, in reality they are doing nothing to bring those who are responsible for atrocities to justice. I despise them, just the same as I despise those who want to prove that war crimes can be justified.

Here is few words about so called "free media":

"Death of independent media in Serbia was obvious years ago. Still, some foreign correspondents and media are referring to the news coming from B92 as it is independent source of information from Serbia. If we dig deeper into reporting from B92 media house and compare it with reality in Serbia nowadays, one will find disturbing facts."

"For B92 to survive this harsh political climate in this obviously rogue state which is still harboring war criminals and had never said sorry for all the atrocities it has done to their neighbors or its own citizens, it was the only way to continue. On the other hand, by “selling their soul” B92 became a “soft” supporter of the regime which is nurturing nationalism and chauvinism and makes them no different from the mainstream nationalistic and government controlled media any more."

"Even their website forum and blog became so heavily censored that no other, but nationalistic and regime friendly ideas can see the light of the day. So please, in future reports, do not call B92 independent media for the fact, it is not any more."

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